Natural and effective solutions to your health problems.

Do you struggle with chronic pain or illness? Is it often challenging to be in the best of health?  When you do seek medical help, are you shuffled around to different doctors to treat different body parts?  All of this can be incredibly stressful, overwhelming and expensive.

If your current state of health is keeping you from enjoying life or doing the things you love, are you willing to do something different to change it?

Jean Drummond, L.Ac. blends the best of eastern and alternative medicines to restore balance to health by looking at the whole body– not just parts. She offers acupuncture and a wide range of integrative, holistic modalities to get to the root of problems.

How can I help solve your health issues?

  • I offer something very unique to a patient: Time. You get quality time with a caring health practitioner who is willing to dig deeper into what’s really going on.
  • I offer relief from recent and chronic pain and illness and get to the root of the cause of the problem.
  • I educate you about what’s wrong, why, and how it can be healed. Your treatment is personally tailored to your needs and specifically reflects your unique dynamics.
  • I use functional and integrative medicine therapies and utilize state-of-the-art laboratory testing to help diagnose and treat.
  • In short, I care about your healing and your continued growth.


Pain Relief, Allergies, Menopause, Hormone Balancing, Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Digestive Disorders, Immunity

Try something different. What do you have to lose?

This is an invitation to live your life with optimal health and vitality.   Jean Drummond, L.Ac. will help you experience the benefits of natural and holistic healing systems that provide natural relief from pain and illness and can help you gain your life and vibrancy back.

Call 760 914-1639 or email to set up your first appointment or a complementary 15 minute consultation.